Substitutionary Atonement Part 5: Messiah’s Sacrifice Prophesied

Messiah’s Sacrifice Prophesied Isaiah 52:13-53:12 We have already seen in this series how from the very onset of sin, God had instilled in the hearts of His children the hope of a coming savior. Through prophecy and visual typology, He revealed that this savior would die bearing the sins of the world, defeating Satan and obtaining reconciliation for sinful people with their holy God. This

Substitutionary Atonement Part 4: The Sacrifice of Bulls and Goats

The Sacrifice of Bulls and Goats Leviticus 1-7, 16 When I read Leviticus, I often find myself making faces. All the gory details about the animal sacrifices are, well, icky. (I can use that word since I have small children, right?) We are so far removed culturally from the Levitical sacrificial system that it almost seems barbaric. However, it was of critical importance under the

Substitutionary Atonement Part 3: The Sacrifice of the LORD’s Passover

The Sacrifice of the LORD’s Passover Exodus 12   The Passover in Exodus is one of the clearest pictures of substitutionary atonement in the Hebrew Scriptures, specifically of the substitutionary atonement provided for you and me through Messiah Yeshua on the cross. Please journey through this with me to see (or to be reminded of) how Jesus is our Passover Lamb. It isĀ amazing! The Setting